What Makes Baccarat Betting So Interesting

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To win, you had to reach 9 points in card value, or get as close as possible. We have also seen the value of the cards which is zero points for faces, one point for aces and face value for the rest of the cards. Regarding the distribution of cards, there is also a rule to respect. Our first advice, after having assimilated the rules of Baccarat, is to practice it. On some sites, you also have access to tutorials that show you how to play baccarat.

When is there a card distribution in Baccarat?

For each game, there should be a Help section that guides you through the authorized card distribution. Most of the time, three cards max will be distributed to each of the Baccarat players. The following rules apply regarding the distribution of cards:

If someone gets a result of 8 or 9 points, no more cards are dealt

  • If someone arrives at a result of 5 points or less and the banker decides to stop (stand in English), the card is dealt.
  • The banker is forced to stop (we say he ‘stays’) if the player has decided to stay on a 6 or a 7, however he can ask for one more card in most situations.

How do you bet in Baccarat?

Only three types of bets in Baccarat, the tie bet in จีคลับ, the bet on the banker’s hand and the bet on the player’s hand . The payout ratio will depend on the type of Baccarat bet, so it is best to refer to the paytable which should be in the Help section (usually at the bottom of the game screen). The payout ratio of the tie bet is also announced on the playmat (unfortunately in English most of the time), in the following format for example ‘ TIE 8: 1 ‘ which means that the tie is 8 to 1, or 80 euros for a stake of 10 euros.